Bastille Day at Baranis – Cocktails for £5

Bastille Day at Baranis – Cocktails for £5

Bastille Day at Baranis


14th July from 4pm – late

Free cocktail (see below) for arrivals before 6pm.

Whilst it’s no longer custom to celebrate the storming of the Bastille prison by running naked through the streets (it once was…) we’ll be marking le quatorze juillet with a special night of themed cocktails and flavoured pastis from 4pm – late.

Led & Franck have teamed up with premium French brands including Pernod-Absinthe, Lillet & Picon to create three cocktails –  Liberté, Picon Spritzer & the Green Beast – all available for just £5 all night long.


Cocktails – £5

Baranis Liberte cocktail

Lillet, beefeater gin shaken with pink grapefruit and bitters.

Picon Spritzer 

Picon, elderflower,fresh lemon topped up with soda

Garnished with cucumber ribbon, mint and strawberrys .

Green Beast 

Pernod absinthe, fresh lime,sugar cucumber ribbon and topped up with water.



Meteor Draught 



Pastis – £3


Ricard , Almond syrup & topped up with water


Ricard , Grenadine syrup & topped up with water

Blue Perroquet

Blue Janot ,  Menthe syrup & topped up with water

Early-birds arriving before 6pm will each receive a free cocktail on arrival and don’t miss out on the pétanque which will be running all night long.  Expect some surprises from the kitchen at Cigalon and some great music too.

That’s it – see you next Tuesday from 4pm.  Follow us on  Twitter for more updates.

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